Friday, June 27, 2014

Are YOU ready to make a CHANGE?

     Join me, Nasara Gargonnu, on my quest to get San Diego (and the World) moving in a "Healthy Direction!" I am a Father, Husband, Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor and Physical Education Teacher and I figured out that my PURPOSE is to spread the knowledge of Health, Fitness and OVERALL Wellness to everyone willing to listen (and even those who don'!) I lost my father at the YOUNG age of 55 and I believe that many of us can prevent premature death and illnesses by "Eating Clean" (Cutting the preservatives, sugars and processed foods down to a minimum, eating REAL foods....Veggies, Fruits, Lean meats, etc...) a little exercise and Positive Thinking! It's an easy concept, but if we haven't been doing it in 20-30+ years or we have not been introduced to this lifestyle, it may be difficult.

     In the upcoming days and weeks I will be posting about my Health and Wellness in abundance because I feel it is a LIFE OR DEATH priority! Please keep your eyes open and follow me THIS blog, on my Facebook "Coach" page and even my personal page!

"I'm ready to make a CHANGE for the better because I have to LIVE for my family...what about YOU?"

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