Monday, December 26, 2016

2016 Ohana 5k and Toy Drive

The 2016 Ohana 5k and Toy Drive was great! This race was organized by Aztlan Athletics and the toys collected were donated to the Joan Kroc Center in San Diego! I ran this race about 3 years ago with my student, Angel and Sirius Fitness member, Tracy G. I originally went with no intention to run, just to simply pass out Hot Chocolate 15k flyers, but how can I resist an opportunity to warmup the crowd! 😜 ...and then why not run too?! Lol! I had a cute little 9 year old help me out on stage for a song and she ended up winning her age group! Was it the Sirius Fitness Warmup??? Lol...Maybe a little, but she was FAST! I look forward to my Sirius Fitness team running this in 2017!