Saturday, August 20, 2011

What is Sirius Fitness Run and Fit Club?

I have created The Sirius Fitness Run & Fit Club of individuals of all levels who want the camaraderie of folks who want to run and exercise for fun, fitness or fulfillment of their own personal goals. We are here to assist, encourage, impart knowledge and have fun working out and running together…and of course using this as a means to stay and/or become fit!

We will also utilize this Meetup using lectures, workshops, films, field trips, blogs, etc... to educate individuals about health and wellness. We have had Free lectures from Naturopathic Practicioners, Nutritional Specialists, alternative health Practicioners, etc... and we have an array of resources to give YOU, our members, what you need.

We run, we walk, we Work YOU out! - Join our group at~> CLICK ME

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Sirius Fitness @ IDEA World Fitness 2011