Monday, March 13, 2017

6 Year Legacy Runner at the San Diego Half Marathon!

This year my 6th year running this awesome race! 6th year comes with the perks of being a 6 year Legacy Runner. This was my 1st half Marathon since November and I felt really good running, staying on pace with random folks, focusing on my music, staying hydrated and getting mentally prepared to conquer the Dreaded WASHINGTON ST! Lol! I'm cool with my 2:00:17 but I may ask for a :30 second results change since I got held up by the trolley! 😡😡 (hey, it's the difference between 2 and sub-2... Call me petty! 😂) I'm proud of all my #SiriusFitness folks who participated... Eduardo, Delia and of course Grace for running her FIRST Half! It was cool seeing the "Swole Sisters" (Natasha, Tish, Tammy) out to support Grace...and of course it was great seeing the "usual suspects", Lanae Battle rocking the Prayer and the National Anthem, Rudy Novotny announcing the race, the speedster Barry Spital (aka Barry Allen, The Flash), Bri Cat, Tina, Bruce, Clayton, Teresa, Donna & Robyn from the "colored section" (inside joke), Tracy keeping us safe, the San Diego Track Club family, the Milestone Crew (Chad and Greg) and many others I may not have mentioned. AND...Of course it's always GREAT when wifey Makena and the #Boyz are here for support! ❤️I can't wait to run my FAVORITE Half Marathon next year in my 7th Legacy Year! See y'all in 2018!