Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sirius Fitness (Potential) Runs for 2016 (January-March)

Running‬ into 2016! Here is a list of potential Sirius Fitness‬ Runs for 2016
(From January to March) 

Jan 9, 2016
San Diego Resolution Run 5K and 15K (USE CODE SIRIUSVIP)

Jan 17, 2016
Carlsbad Half Marathon

Feb 6, 2016
Super Run 10K/5K

Feb 14, 2016
Coronado Valentine's Day 10K

Feb 14, 2016
San Dieguito Half Marathon

Feb 21, 2016
Mardi Gras Run

Mar 5, 2016
Finish Chelsea's Run 5K

Mar 12, 2016
St. Patrick's Day 10K, 5k and 2 miler

Mar 12, 2016
St. Patrick's Day Half Marathon and 5K

Mar 13, 2016
San Diego Half Marathon

Mar 19, 2016
San Diego Race for Autism

Mar 20, 2016
Hot Chocolate 15K/5K San Diego (USE CODE BUFF1)

Sirius Fitness becomes a Live Well San Diego recognized partner!

SIRIUS FITNESS- December 15, 2015 (Officially "Sirius Fitness" Day in San Diego!)

Sirius Fitness became a Live Well San Diego recognized partner on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 to an audience of friends, community partners, and participants of the extremely popular “Cardio Sculpt” group class at the Jackie Robinson YMCA.  As a local small business based in Central Region operated by Nasara Gargonnu -- Sirius Fitness is 'Sirius' about Fitness and Health!  

Coach Nasara has been a PE teacher in San Diego since 2005 and currently teaches Physical Education within San Diego Unified School District where he inspires young people to be healthy for life. 
Sirius Fitness offers free to low cost classes and programs to help San Diego County residents to thrive and enjoy the highest quality of life, such as boot camps at Malcolm X Library and Project Access at Meadowbrook Apartments which is certified under the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program, weekly fitness classes for all ages at Jackie Robinson YMCA & Copley YMCA, Health and Wellness activities for Port of San Diego employees, and volunteer park runs enjoyed by thousands of members of the community on a weekly basis.

Sirius Fitness is a Local Ambassador of the Hot Chocolate 15K/5K which attracts 16,000+ runners annually and has led warm up exercises to promote fitness at various 5K events Countywide including the Live Well San Diego 5K in 2014 and 2015.  

Sirius Fitness volunteers at numerous community events across Central Region such as the “Healthier Me” program for Health & Exercise at faith based organizations, People’s Produce Farmers’ Market, UC San Diego’s Center for Community Health 2015 “Veggie Fest” at City Heights Farmers Market, San Diego Black Nurses and San Diego Black Social Workers events, health and fitness workshops at Annual “Kuumba Fest” where nearly 100 vendors help San Diego County residents learn more about available resources, and the 2015 Live Well San Diego HHSA “It’s All About You” Health Fair.
Nasara Gargonnu has been honored as the San Diego YMCA 2014 Fitness Instructor of the Year.
Sirius Fitness is committed to continuing to advance Live Well San Diego by building better health and improving the quality of life of residents of all ages, empowering them to take positive actions for their own health, safety and well-being. 

2016 Sirius Fitness Run Streak

Join me on my #SiriusFitnessRunStreak... Personally, I'm going for 365 days, but please feel free to go as long as you like!


1. Run or jog a minimum of 1 mile per day.

2. I will ask if you could attempt a minimum of 14 days to begin.

3. Please post your daily results w/ a pic or simple post with the HASHTAG (on social media)...       #SiriusFitnessRunStreak

4. Have fun, challenge yourself...(Tell a Friend)

Sirius Fitness 2016 "Kick Off" Run

Sirius Fitness decided to "Kick Off" 2016 with wellness, fitness and dedication! We ran (jogged and walked) the Lake Murray Trail! We are ready for 2016! Stay tuned for a list of our upcoming events!

#SanDiego Don't miss out on the 2016 #HotChocolate15k ... 
(CODE: SDBUFF1) free BUFF! (Buff=SWAG!) #RunChat 

Check out some pics from 2015 and JOIN the Chocolate Madness in 2016!

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