Friday, April 29, 2011

Climb Michi's Ladder to Wellness!

michi: n. road; path; method; "The Way."

What is Michi's Ladder? <~ CLICK...

You wanna lose weight and get more fit for the Summer...for Yourself...for Your Husband/Wife...for Your HEALTH?? can use Michi's Ladder as a food substitution guide to assist you in making Healthy eating choices. There are five (5) tiers of foods, One (1) and two (2) being the highest and "Best" food choices and three (3) to five (5) the lowest and "not-so-good" choices. It's simple...Eat mostly from the first two tiers and sparingly (or not at all) from the last three tiers and OF COURSE add Fitness and Exercise to the mix!

If you focus on Michi's substitution guide, eat 5-6 small, balanced and clean (free of too many preservatives) meals a day and combine it with 5-6 days of exercise you will headed closer to the goal of "a Healthier and Fit YOU!"

Personally, I am beginning this lifestyle change in May (May 2nd to be exact) and I plan to check out my results in June! I already eat well and exercise, but sometimes you get stuck on plateaus and you need that extra Kick in the Butt to get you off that plateau. (In this case I'm using a ladder) Join me as I climb Michi's Ladder as my nutritionist and Shaun T as my trainer! (Yeah, I decided to get with some folks to do the new and improved Insanity workout...Insanity Asylum!)

Sooooo...for the next 30 days I'm hitting it hard on the Nutrition and the Fitness! Who is with me? Are you ready? Are you ready to Win? Are you ready to climb this ladder with me?

More info on Michi's Ladder~> CLICK
More info on Insanity Asylum~> CLICK