Saturday, October 1, 2016

The 2016 MCRD Boot Camp Challenge (TEAM SIRIUS FITNESS)

We run a lot! 5k's, 10k's, Half Marathons, etc... but the MCRD Boot Camp Challenge is the ONE run that I attempt to get ALL my Sirius Fitness folks to participate. ONE...its challenging...TWO...its fun...Three...I've been running it since 2009 and FINALLY... it always falls on my Birthday week!! 😏  We organize a BIG group, stick with folks on our fitness level and most importantly, we wear ORANGE! lol! I almost didn't do it due to the cast on my wrist (see, but I took it easy and kept my "since 2009" streak alive! The 2016 MCRD Boot Camp Challenge was challenging but I survived and it is now..."in the books!" Great job to my Sirius Fitness crew...They "Kicked Butt!" Those who didn't make it...hopefully we will see them in 2017! ~> RSVP for the 2017 EVENT

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"The 2016 Boot Camp Challenge consists of a 3-mile obstacle course on paved roads and hard-packed dirt making it flat and fast. There are over 50 obstacles throughout the course, including hay bale jumps, tunnel crawls, log hurdles, 6ft vertical climbing wall, trenches, cargo net crawls, and push-up stations. Marine Corps Drill Instructors are at each station to make sure you’ve completed your obstacle." ~MCRD Boot Camp Challenge
Obstacles in the order of appearance

1 – 16: Log Hurdles

17: Tunnels

18: Push-Ups

19: 6ft Wall

20: Bayonet Assault Course

21: Trenches

22: Tunnels

23: Low Crawl

24: Tunnels

25: Bridges

26: Push-Ups

27 – 51: Log Hurdles