Friday, May 13, 2011

Injuries suck!

Yes! Injuries Suck! I pushed my body last Month and it came to a screeching halt! Well...I've been coping with Achilles tendonitis and when I checked it out on the web this is what it said:

"The Achilles tendon attaches the heel to the calf muscle. This is a common injury for runners, tennis players, cyclists, rollerbladers and high heel wearers, among others. Stretching the foot, calf and hamstrings can help alleviate this injury. In some cases, you may need to stop exercising for a few days. Ice is a good remedy but avoid stretching or strengthening exercises that put pressure on the heel." ~Debbie Hickey
"...stop exercising for a few days" ???? HUH?, WHAT? "Well...I have classes to teach...a 1/2 Marathon to get ready for...I have had trouble sitting still and resting...but, finally finally, finally... I finally came to realization that if I just sat my butt down and rested my foot then it would get better and heal. I think this is common problem among "fitness" professionals, "fitness" enthusiasts and "fitness" fanatics! We know we should rest but that "darn" bug just keeps biting us and instead of ignoring that 6:30 TKB class, you find yourself in the front row jumping, burpee-ing and "jab-cross-hook-upper cutting" yourself to further injury. Sigh!

I have still worked out, but (contrary to what others around me think) I have taken it easy and now I'm on the verge of being fully healed. All this is to say...please when you are injured make sure you rest and find some other means to occupy your "intense" fitness regimen (other than "Depressed-That-I-Cant-Workout" eating<
~ whisper**I did a little of that**) I'm happy I actually stayed away from some intense classes and intense workouts (ie...Insanity Asylum) because I cannot afford to be out "of the game" for an extended period of time!

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