Thursday, February 2, 2017

2017 Rebirth In Wellness: Holistic Health and Fitness fair...REBIRTH!

On January 28th, 2017 at City of Hope International, Sirius Fitness in conjunction with A Healthier Me’, held the 2017 ‘Rebirth In Wellness’ event, which is a Holistic Health and Fitness fair created by the owner of Sirius Fitness, Nasara Gargonnu in 2008. This event provides the community a free showcase of Health and Fitness Professionals sharing their wealth of knowledge through short lectures and fitness demonstrations. There were also numerous Wellness vendors with products and services.

    This year there was a impressive group of individuals taking part in this event. The event kicked off with Nasara moving the crowd with his signature Sirius Fitness warmup and then explaining that ‘Rebirth in Wellness’ was created to spread Health and Fitness to the Southeast community. He felt strongly about this due to the fact that the community was at risk for preventable health risks and diseases that could be remedied through proper knowledge and preventive care. Nasara also explained that he lost his father at an early age from Prostate cancer and that his goal is to make sure he live a lifestyle that allows him to be around for his own children. Dr. Suzanne Afflalo, the retired Kaiser doctor and mastermind behind the ‘A Healthier Me’ program, spoke about preventative care as a  means to combat disease. She was followed by Hajar Young who spoke about stress management through breathing, meditation and essential oils. Author of The Well: Where Fitness Begins Within, Sahsha Campbell-Garbutt, wrapped up by the lectures speaking about How a fit mind leads to a fit body!

    The fitness portion kicked off with Trena Bennett, creator of ‘GospelCise Fitness’ leading a heavenly inspired fitness routine that got the crowd motivated. Nasara & Moriah of Sirius Fitness followed with some fitness moves and dance fitness that kept the “party” going. Makena wrapped up the fitness with a ‘Dance it Out’ routine that brought the crowd together with a unifying dance.

    In addition to the knowledge of Health and Fitness, the participants also received awesome raffle items, drinks, healthy food and a tasty cooking demonstration! If you want any more information about future events from Sirius Fitness you can contact Nasara at of follow him on Facebook at Coach Nasara Gargonnu and Sirius Fitness Run and Fit Club.

Nasara Gargonnu

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Dr. Suzanne Afflalo

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Sahsha Campbell-Garbutt

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Trena Bennett

Hajar Young

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Makena Gargonnu