Saturday, March 2, 2013

#13in2013: Let the Journey begin...

     In March of 2012 I ran against doctor's orders in the SD Half Marathon (due to Sciatica) and proceeded to run a total of 10 Half Marathons, raise money almost $700 for the Zero Prostate Cancer organization, inspire others in my community, as well as, outside my community to enjoy running and promote Health and Wellness throughout San Diego. I have several groups and friends to thank for assisting me as sponsors as I completed my 10 Half Marathons: Stepping Higher, Inc., Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc - Omicron Iota Sigma Chapter, Nubia Leadership Academy, Friends of Nubia, Kim Howard, Sidni Taylor and several anonymous individuals. I had a great time...sometimes...rough times running, but overall I was satisfied with my accomplishments of 2012! Now in 2013 I was determined to "Take it #UPANOTCH"!

     I have decided in 2013 to run 13 Half Marathons and with the San Dieguito Half Marathon being the first! Well...not only did I freeze my butt off before the race, but I didn't realize how "hilly" this course was. Now, It may seem like I'm complaining, but I'm not. I really enjoyed this race...not overly crowded and though the course was "hilly", for every uphill...thank God there was a downhill. lol! I ran in "just" over 2 hours (02:01:26 to be exact) and I was happy with my overall time since I really didn't train at all. I look forward to training (for real) in the upcoming months as I get ready to tackle 12 more Half Marathons...possibly culminating with a "FULL" in December. (I don't know...I'm scared of!) 

     My next race is the San Diego Half Marathon which changed its course finish from Petco Park to the San Diego Gaslamp. I enjoyed finishing at Petco Park last year and seeing myself on the Jumbotron, but the Gaslamp should be fun too! A week after this race I'll be running the Hooleys to Hooleys Half Marathon and that will be a day after running the Domino's Pizza St. Patrick's Day 10k...whew! (I did say I was taking it #UPANOTCH this year! lol!) I'll be running a lot of these 13 Halfs with Mark <~check out his blog. #HappyRunning Y'all

Upcoming Races:
SD Half Marathon
Hooleys to Hooleys Half Marathon
Hollywood Half Marathon
La Jolla Half Marathon 
Safari Park Half Marathon