Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Join our Sirius Fitness "April Challenge"

 Check out our Sirius Fitness: Sirius Fitness “April...No Fools” Challenge!”

It’s APRIL!! “I pity the fool who doesn’t Reach their Goals!” — Mr. T🧔🏾

😎 Post a photo of your run including a selfie, the outdoors, your watch, your shoes, etc....
We will ALWAYS stay constant with running (or walking or jogging, etc) 
Here are your Daily "minimums":
**Walk / Run / Jog... BUT let’s try to get one of these 3 choices!
— 1 mile a day: 30 days = 30 miles
— 2 miles a day: 30 days = 60 miles
— 3 + miles a day: 30 days = 90+ miles

** challenge yourself to at least 4 NEW workouts this month (one per week) * it can be a new in-person class, new zoom class, etc...

**Pick ONE body weight exercise to “HIT” every day for 33 reps! (You’ll end up with nearly 1k of that exercise after 30 days!!!
*Weekly Raffle for those who POST and PARTICIPATE!! (Yes...I owe some from last month...don’t worry, you’ll get your stuff! Lol!)

* Use the hashtags:
#SiriusFitnessChallenge #Siriusfitness #LivewellSD on your posts.
* Comment and encourage and support one another and invite your friends!

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