Sunday, February 20, 2011

Well folks...I've been eating clean (no dairy, sugar, salt, fish, etc...) for the last 14 days. I have one more week to go! (Pray for me) Only salads, fruits, water, veggie meat, quinoa<~(that grain has all the essential amino acids for muscle building!) nuts, grains, etc... have been in my system and I have to tell you...I FEEL GREAT! I still have energy, I still am able to run around town and through the gyms like a madman, teaching my classes, taking classes and doing my "fitness" thing! I have only been a Lacto-Ovo-Pesco Vegetarian and it feels great being a Vegan, even if it is just for the month. But, I have been really feeling that I can incorporate this vegan diet for part of the week, while going back to my fish (mostly salmon) the rest of the week. I have lost bodyfat, a little weight and I have loads of energy!

Give it a try! Go to Whole Foods, Henry's, Fresh and Easy, Trader Joe's and get some Brown Rice, Veggie meat, almond Milk, Quinoa, almond butter, etc... and give it a try! If you really want to see a change in your body and mind cut "white" products! Go a week without (added) sugar, salt, white rice, white potatoes, white pasta eggs. Eat raw honey, Sea salt, Brown rice, Red Potatoes, Wheat Pasta, more salad and fruits! Trust me, you will notice a differences from your energy to your bowel movements! (Lol) Really! Try it and get back with me about your experiences!

Peace and Health,
Nasara Gargonnu

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