Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Join our Sirius Fitness "April Challenge"

 Check out our Sirius Fitness: Sirius Fitness “April...No Fools” Challenge!”

It’s APRIL!! “I pity the fool who doesn’t Reach their Goals!” — Mr. T🧔🏾

😎 Post a photo of your run including a selfie, the outdoors, your watch, your shoes, etc....
We will ALWAYS stay constant with running (or walking or jogging, etc) 
Here are your Daily "minimums":
**Walk / Run / Jog... BUT let’s try to get one of these 3 choices!
— 1 mile a day: 30 days = 30 miles
— 2 miles a day: 30 days = 60 miles
— 3 + miles a day: 30 days = 90+ miles

** challenge yourself to at least 4 NEW workouts this month (one per week) * it can be a new in-person class, new zoom class, etc...

**Pick ONE body weight exercise to “HIT” every day for 33 reps! (You’ll end up with nearly 1k of that exercise after 30 days!!!
*Weekly Raffle for those who POST and PARTICIPATE!! (Yes...I owe some from last month...don’t worry, you’ll get your stuff! Lol!)

* Use the hashtags:
#SiriusFitnessChallenge #Siriusfitness #LivewellSD on your posts.
* Comment and encourage and support one another and invite your friends!

Monday, August 10, 2020

Sirius Fitness Week of 8/10 Schedule

Sirius Fitness Week of 8/10 Schedule

MONDAY 6:00 PM (8/10)
Sirius Fitness LIVE! 

Join us at Sirius Fitness Run and Fit Club or Sirius Turbo Jam

WEDNESDAY 8:00AM (8/11)
“Walk it Out Wednesday”

Chollas Lake

WEDNESDAY 6:00 PM (8/12)
(In-Person & Members only)
CARDIO BLAST: “The RETURN to Jackie Robinson Family YMCA

THURSDAY 6:00 PM (8/13)
Sirius Fitness LIVE! 

Join us at Sirius Fitness Run and Fit Club or Sirius Turbo Jam

SATURDAY 7:00 AM (8/15)
BMR 10k * 

Pacific Beach Boardwalk (Meet near Rollercoaster)
* You can run any distance 1 mile/5k/10k
*Bring masks and social distance

SUNDAY 7:00 AM (8/16)
Live Well SD 5k (Warmup & Run)

http://bit.ly/LiveWell5k2020 👈🏾 REGISTER
(FREE- Join Team Sirius Fitness)
* Bring masks and social distance

SUNDAY 8:15 AM (8/16)
Miracle Babies 5k (Warmup & Run)

Liberty Station
https://bit.ly/3fuSCri 👈🏾 REGISTER
(Use code SIRIUS20 50% off- Join Team Sirius Fitness)
* Bring masks and social distance

“WHEW! What a week! We are wrapping up Summer and we have to go out with a BANG!”

“Why is there a need for Black Men Run?

“Why is there a need for Black Men Run? 

Because the numbers don’t lie:

* Among Blacks age 20 and older, 44.4% of men have Cardiovascular Diseases

* In 2009, Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) caused the deaths of 21,051 Black males

* Blacks have a risk of first-ever stroke that is almost twice that of whites

* Heart disease is the #1 cause of death for African American males At Black Men Run we believe that running/jogging can change these alarming trends and we are here to encourage African American males to get out and be active. Research tells us that running on a regular basis not only benefits individuals from a physical standpoint but also increase mental sharpness. Studies show that running on a regular basis helps to boost your confidence, relieves stress and eliminates depression.”

(Hey #SanDiego... join our local chapter at Black Men Run SAN DIEGO!)

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Sirius Fitness at the 2020 San Diego Half Marathon

I have not run a Half Marathon since Last April (La Jolla) and I haven't run more that 6 miles since last August...so I was a little worried about running 🤯(Achilles) and also bummed when my FAVORITE Half Marathon was cancelled! Thank goodness they were able to convert the race to a virtual and I'm so happy so many folks came out to support it! I can't wait until the 10 Year Anniversary (Legacy) in 2021!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Sirius Fitness hosts Healthy Active Fit at 2020 Kuumba Fest

This year Sirius Fitness presented the Healthy, Active, Fit portion of the 2020 Kuumba Fest. This was the 28th year of Kuumba Fest and several Black Owned Fitness business were recruited to provide their own individual brand of Health and Wellness to the Kuumba Fest participants. 

Pat Murray and the Errrverybodi Line Dancers kicked off the festivities with a line dancing performance that got folks moving. Next up was DeVaughn Walker representing his company, Power Through Fitness. He discussed using proper form when performing exercises then led the group with several bodyweight exercises. 
Mars Herring came thru with Fit, Black, and Educated (FBE) and led the group thru an awesome Boot Camp workout! Finally, Yoga instructor, Angela Ledyard relaxed the audience with her Yoga workout. 

Coach Nasara introduced each presenter with a "cool" and "hyped" hip hop musical intro (thank you DJ Kool T) followed by a quick demo of his Sirius Fitness workout program. 

These presenters brought EXPERTISE, ENERGY & EMOTION to this event and you could see it in the smiles, excitement...and sweat (smile) of the participants.

Coach Nasara said, "It was an honor participating in this event helping to enlighten and bring awareness to the importance of Exercise to our community! Thank you Dajahn Blevins for creating Kuumba Fest and giving us the opportunity to display our talents!"

Monday, December 23, 2019

Sirius Fitness presents... The Invisible Vegan

**On the 4 Year Anniversary of "Sirius Fitness Day" in San Diego we presented the The Invisible Vegan...

On Sunday December 15th, Sirius Fitness, in conjunction with Live Well San Diego presented the documentary, The Invisible Vegan at Jackie Robinson Family YMCA. The Documentary was followed by a Panel of Nutritional Experts and an incredible Vegan meal.

What is the "Invisible Vegan"?  

"The Invisible Vegan is a 90-minute independent documentary that explores the problem of unhealthy dietary patterns in the African-American community, foregrounding the health and wellness possibilities enabled by plant-based vegan diets and lifestyle choices." 

This documentary was Co-Produced by Jasmine and Kenny Leyva and featured prominent celebrities such as Stic Man from Dead Prez, Comedian Cedric the Entertainer and NBA Champion John Salley. The documentary dealt with misconceptions, health benefits, history and more about Plant-Based diets in the African-American community. 

The Panel consisted of David Engel of Plant DiegoVegan Martial Artist, Charles Scot and was facilitated by Dr. Samira Jones (aka Dr. Sunshine Jones). They answered questions about their own personal journeys with a Plant-based diet, the effects, the challenges and overall general information. Dr. Jones was very informative with her background in Nutrition. The audience provided great questions for the panel that added much more to the discussion. 

The event concluded with an awesome Vegan meal consisting of Salad, Pasta w/ Vegan Sausage, Quinoa Salad and delicious Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies. Thank you Morse High School Culinary Department for providing the meal and thank you to our Sponsors for this event, Stepping Higher, Inc., Fit, Black and Educated and Plant Diego.

The 90-minute documentary is available to watch online through Amazon Prime and Vimeo.

Monday, November 25, 2019

2020 SD Half Marathon is coming...(save w/ my code!)

GO TO sdhalfmarathon.com (USE CODE NGARGONNU ...and save $15)

Where is your run taking you? Waterfront harbor views, eclectic neighborhoods, through the heart of downtown, into Petco Park - it's all waiting for you at the 2020 San Diego Half Marathon! Join us at the start line on March 15 and take on our scenic 13.1-mile course. Split the distance and give the 2-person Relay a try, crossing the finish line with your training partner! Bring the whole crew together for the Padres 5K and walk or run your way onto the jumbotron. We've got a distance for everyone.